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Ajpu: Mayan Spirit or Nahual/Nawal

Ajpu Mayan Nahual Image

Spirit: Lord, sun and shells
Color: Yellow
Symbolisms: Sun, vision, light and time.
Yucatec: Ajaw
Classic Mayan: Ajaw

Ajpu is light and represents Grandfather Sun. It is a special day for the hunter, shooter and traveler. It is a day of body strength and the triumph of good over obstacles. It is associated with regenerative force and the cycle of life. It controls the lunar and solar eclipses.


  • Day for making offerings to deceased forefathers
  • Day for treating illnesses
  • Day for asking for life and strength
  • Day for asking for good to triumph over evil


  • Can develop higher intelligence
  • Can have artistic talents
  • Happy
  • Able to defend oneself very well
  • Can become a spiritual guide
  • Good at hunting