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E': Mayan Spirit or Nahual/Nawal

E Mayan Nahual Image

Animal Spirit: Bobcat, mountain lion.
Color: Yellow
Symbolisms: Herbs, rain, paths and teeth.
Yucatec: Eb
Classic Mayan: Unknown

E symbolizes one's path and destination. It is what takes us to a fixed place in time. It is the protector of travelers and guides one's spiritual and material life. It is a good day to move on from wherever you are.


  • Protection from temptations
  • Protection from danger on the road
  • A day to begin a new project
  • A day to focus on your destination


  • Kind and hard working
  • A guide and a counselor
  • Caring and happy
  • A traveler. May be a merchant
  • Lucky, decided and understanding
  • Cautious