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Iq (Iq'): Mayan Spirit or Nahual/Nawal

Iq Mayan Nahual Image

Animal Spirit: Hummingbird
Color: White
Symbolisms: Air, breathe and life.
Yucatec: Ik
Classic Mayan: Ik'

Iq is the soul of the elements. It is the sacred air and breathe that gives us life and force. It is a good day to ask that the suffering and illnesses be blown away with the breeze. It is the breathe of life that purifies the body, mind, spirit and emotions. It can build but also destroy.


  • A day for treating respiratory, psychological and emotional illnesses
  • A day to give thanks for life and to ask that the wind be kind to crops


  • Can adapt to any situation
  • Physical strength
  • Dreamer and imaginative
  • Not scared of anything