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Ajmaq: Mayan Spirit or Nahual/Nawal

Ajmaq Mayan Nahual Image

Animal Spirit: Owls, vultures, bees
Color: Yellow
Symbolisms: Deceased, the soul, forgiveness and moral strength.
Yucatec: Kib'
Classic Mayan: Unknown

Ajmaq is associated with the deceased. This day is for asking forgiveness, for reconciling and for righting wrongs. It is also a day of punishment for those whose actions are not in harmony with the teachings of Mayan spirituality. If we do not fix our mistakes or errors then the deceased may act in a negative manner.

Ajmaq is related with the sudden death caused by all types of accidents. On this day we ask our forefathers to intervene in our lives to help mend our ways, fix our errors and redeem ourselves for the offenses we have committed.


  • Asking forefathers to guide us in the present and better our future
  • Invocations to cure all types of illnesses and suffering


  • Good student
  • Intelligent, good memory
  • Good farmer
  • Brave enough to face difficulties
  • Prudent and balanced
  • Analytical