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Aqabal (Aq'ab'al): Mayan Spirit or Nahual/Nawal

Aqabal Mayan Nahual Image

Animal Spirit: Bat
Color: Black
Symbolisms: Night, darkness, home, dawn, sunrise and renewal.
Yucatec: Akbal
Classic Mayan: Ak'b'al

Aqabal is associated with the first rays of morning light that touch the mountains and dissipate the shadows and darkness of night. It symbolizes the renewal of energy. It is a day of hope for a better future for all.


  • Clarity in one's journey through life
  • Seeking out new life opportunities
  • A day for being grateful for the creation of life


  • Early-riser, happy and serene
  • Good-natured
  • May be gifted at treating illnesses
  • May be a spiritual guide
  • Strong, dynamic and astute
  • Mental and physical security