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Kawoq: Mayan Spirit or Nahual/Nawal

Animal Spirit: Turtle or Tortoise
Color: Black
Symbolisms: Storms, thunder, lightning and rain. Duality.
Yucatec: Cauac
Classic Mayan: Unknown

Kawoq is a day to focus on community, family and society in general. Its energy generates the rain that provides us with good harvests as well as the ability to cure and guide others. It is a day that is heavily associated with Mother Earth and elements of nature. It is also a day to promote women's participation in the community and in society.


  • A day for doctors and midwives
  • Prayers for the family and community
  • Prayers for rain
  • Prayers for healthy children


  • Well-balanced and caring
  • Lives and works for the family
  • May become a spiritual guide
  • Good communicator