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Toj: Mayan Spirit or Nahual/Nawal

Toj Mayan Nahual Image

Animal Spirit: Shark
Color: Red
Symbolisms: Water, rain and offerings. The nahual of jade.
Yucatec: Muluc
Classic Mayan: Unknown

This day is associated with offerings, gratitude and payments whether to give thanks, right a wrong or simply fair compensation for work done. Gratitude is given for the sun, water, air, food and everything that surrounds us and that we have received from Mother Earth.


  • Gratitude for blessings received
  • Day for reconciliation and solidarity with family, neighbors and fellow humans
  • Ceremonies to achieve moral and spiritual balance
  • Day to move away from suffering, accidents and illnesses


  • Virtuous
  • Creative, communicative and dynamic
  • Intelligent
  • Sincere
  • Analytical, imaginative and intuitive
  • Open-minded
  • Well-balanced
  • Romantic